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Let’s Get Back To The Basics

✔ Social Media In Today’s World

In a world swept up by the social media revolution, Laverity steps in to harness its unparalleled potential. With a staggering surge, the global population of social media users has surged past 4 billion, doubling its 2015 figures. The age of connection has never been more pronounced, with individuals wielding an average of 8 different social media accounts, actively engaging across platforms. Notably, titans like Facebook are witnessing over half of their monthly users embracing daily interactions, painting a vivid picture of our digital society.

Yet, this transformative landscape isn’t solely about numbers. The narrative of social media has evolved from its humble beginnings as a conduit for socializing to a sprawling nexus of brand-consumer dynamics. The paradigm shift is undeniable—recent data underscores that 71% of consumers, buoyed by positive brand encounters, eagerly recommend these experiences, while 21% display a heightened propensity to purchase from brands accessible via social media. These platforms have transcended into arenas of commerce and pivotal touchpoints in the elaborate dance of modern marketing, nurturing connections and conversions in equal measure.

For business proprietors entering this dynamic realm, understanding the essence of social media is paramount. It’s a multifaceted landscape where people forge connections with kin, acquaintances, and enterprises alike. As its influence intensifies with an unwavering velocity, it’s imperative to harness its force for your business’s advantage. This is where the mastery of social media marketing services, carefully cultivated by Laverity, steps in. Let us propel your brand into the heart of this ever-evolving arena, forging connections that endure and conversions that flourish.

✔ What Is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing is the use of social media to increase brand awareness, build a targeted following, drive website traffic and ultimately increase your sales. Social media marketing for small businesses and entrepreneurs gives them the ability to establish their brand and online presence on platforms where their target audience is already scrolling.

All of that sounds pretty good right? So where do you start? Well, some of the social media platforms you can use to do this are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The important thing to know is that there are two parts to social media marketing: organic social media management, which you will read about on this page and paid social media advertising services which you can click there to read more about.

The way to best decide how to go about your social media marketing plan is to first decide what your business goals and marketing goals are and what you would like to get out of social media marketing. So let’s talk a little more about that below.

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